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According to the most intuitive/accurate source, these Pokémon learn moves at level 69.

Golduck Golduck - Wonder Room (or at least in previous generations. Now it learns it at lv. 60)
Golem Golem - Heavy Slam
Typhlosion Typhlosion - Double Edge
Jumpluff Jumpluff - Memento
Swampert Swampert - Hammer Arm
Phione Phione - Rain Dance
Manaphy Manaphy - Rain Dance
Jellicent Jellicent - Water Spout
Eelektrik Eelektrik - Zap Cannon
Lampent Lampent - Overheat
Delphox Delphox - Future Sight

I also went through EVERY SINGLE GEN VI POKEMON and found that Delphox also learns Future Sight at level 69. You're welcome. :)


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What Gen VI Pokémon learns a move at level 69? :l
Gen VI also changed the order of some moves. Like Golduck. It gets Wonder Room at level 60 not 69
Thanks, Qwerty Zoom.  Good point.  Now I had to go through EVERY POKEMON ON THIS LIST A SECOND TIME just to make sure everything's accurate. I'm kind of tired now, but at least I'm done. :D
Zap Cannon :O
Water Spout at level 69. Classy.