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And don't give me that crap that this isn't a legit question, especially compared to the rest of the crap that's been asked here.


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According to the most intuitive/accurate source, these Pokémon learn moves at level 69.

Golduck Golduck - Wonder Room (or at least in previous generations. Now it learns it at lv. 60)
Golem Golem - Heavy Slam
Typhlosion Typhlosion - Double Edge
Jumpluff Jumpluff - Memento
Swampert Swampert - Hammer Arm
Phione Phione - Rain Dance
Manaphy Manaphy - Rain Dance
Jellicent Jellicent - Water Spout
Eelektrik Eelektrik - Zap Cannon
Lampent Lampent - Overheat
Delphox Delphox - Future Sight

I also went through EVERY SINGLE GEN VI POKEMON and found that Delphox also learns Future Sight at level 69. You're welcome. :)


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What Gen VI Pokémon learns a move at level 69? :l
Gen VI also changed the order of some moves. Like Golduck. It gets Wonder Room at level 60 not 69
Thanks, Qwerty Zoom.  Good point.  Now I had to go through EVERY POKEMON ON THIS LIST A SECOND TIME just to make sure everything's accurate. I'm kind of tired now, but at least I'm done. :D
Zap Cannon :O
Water Spout at level 69. Classy.
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Idk how many, but all I know is that Swampert gets Hammer Arm at lv 69 o3o

No wonder why he has massive arms in his Mega...

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Who would flag this? This completes the question.
Swampert is totes bara material.
This was probably flagged as Puff doesn't answer the question anywhere near accurate enough as well as saying 'Idk how many'. Why answer a question when you answer begins with the abbreviation for 'I don't know'.
Because it's funny.
That just Mentioned ONE. Still counts as an Answer