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So I've just started playing the Pokemon yellow pikachu edition, 1 question as I'm playing. I've looked around for the answer but couldn't find a clear 1 on this or other sites.

If I evolve a Pokemon later then a move which is set for the evolved Pokemon at a certain level, will I miss the chance to get that move?

E.g. Nidorina - Nidoqueen
Nidoqueen learns bodyslam @ lvl 23, so if I evolved Nidorina after lvl 23, have I lost the opportunity to learn bodyslam for Nidoqueen?

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I'm pretty sure you do lose that opportunity unless the move is on a TM. The move reminder didn't exist until Generation 3.
Do you mean in game?

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No, you cannot relearn moves. You lose the opportunity to learn Body Slam for Nidoqueen, but you can relearn if you have a copy of Pokemon Stadium G/S/C on the N64. Beat the gym leader castle in that, and 1 of the 6 participating Pokemon in the final stage can relearn a level-up move it previously knew.