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Darmanitan @ Life Orb
EVs :252 Atk
Nature: Adamant
-Flare Blitz

How much damage is that (neutrally) With the combo of Sheer Force/Life Orb/EVs/Nature/STAB?

I realize there are quite a few damage calculators, but I have no idea how to use them...still lol.


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Flare Blitz has a BP of 120. Life Orb and Sheer Force together boost that by 50%, and 50% of 120 is 60, so 120 + 60 is 180. STAB boosts thatby 50%, or 90, so it's power then comes up to
270. Coming off of Darmanitan's mostrous attack, that is gonna be doing unfathomable damage to even Pokemon that resist it.

As an extra perk, that is doing 540 BP in the sun, which is completely insane.

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Awesome >:) watch out people who don't KO my Darmanitan. Thx Ben!!
Just watch det Flare Blitz recoil
no kidding, suicide smasher. Does the sheer force ability stop recoil from life orb?
Yes it does
I thought Life Orb boosts power by 30%
CB Darmanitan o.O