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Eelektross @ Electric Gem
First turn: Uses Charge
Second Turn: Uses Discharge

How much damage will this do?

And how bout without Charge?

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Discharge base power: 80
+ Charge: 80 x2
= 160
+ STAB: 160 x1.5
= 240
+ Gem: 240 x1.5
= 360

Without Charge:
Discharge base power: 80
+ STAB: 80 x1.5
= 120
+ Gem: 120 x1.5
= 180

I added working out in case I got it wrong. This feels like a maths class. x_o

Note: this is just theoretical. I hope you're not planning to use Charge in a battle, since it makes it obvious you will be using an Electric move next, thereby alerting your opponent to switch Pokemon.

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I forgot STAB stupid me i hide my answer
Thanks Marzipan. Charge will not be used but I wanted to know the difference in power, which is to say the least a large amount :)
Thats why I hate answering these questions :P Too much like Math class.