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Does it receive STAB damage? Can it perform a critical hit? It didn't even say it was super effective when used against a Munna. Is it kind of like Dragon Rage, which only does an exact amount of HP damage?

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Night Shade does damage according to the user's level. For example, if I were level 54 and I used Night Shade on Cakey, it would take away 54 HP. Crits, STAB, Super Effectiveness, ect don't effect the damage it does, it's always the same when you're at the same level.

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Night Shade inflicts damage equal to the user's level. Although Night Shade deals Ghost-type damage, its type does not alter the amount of damage it inflicts.

The damage is not altered by weakness or resistance, except when a Pokémon is immune. Night Shade doesn't receive STAB.

It also cannot critically hit.

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No, it will always do the same amount of damage as the users level and the only way it does any different is if it misses or you're using it on a Normal type.

Source: Experience

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