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Ok, let's say you have a Cyndaquil with a special attack boosting ability at level 1 that knows Flamethrower.
Sunny Day is in effect.
You're against a level 30 Parasect with Dry Skin.
Cyndaquil is holding a Choice Scarf.
Cyndaquil uses Flamethrower, and gets a critical hit.
What power is it and how much damage would it do?

It depends on Evs and cindaquils level
Level 1, just hatched.

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252SpAtk lvl 1 Cyndaquil (+SAtk) crit Flamethrower in Sun vs 0HP/0SpDef Dry Skin lvl 30 Parasect (Neutral): 14% - 28% (12 - 24 HP). Guaranteed 8HKO.",

lol 8HKO
lol thanks, me and rio were wondering about it a while back and I was still curious.