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So this is a specific example but here we go:

Say you have a Salamence, Aurorus, Lanturn, and Trevenant.

First turn, the Lanturn uses Soak on the Salamence and the Trevenant uses Forest's Curse.

On the second turn, Aurorus uses Freeze-Dry on the Salamence.

Would the damage multiplier be 2, 3, or something else?

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It honestly depends on the order.

Forest's Curse adds the Grass type to the target. If the target is dual-typed they essentially become a triple-typed Pokémon.

This adds the grass type onto salamence.

Soak changes the target's type to Water. It does not work on Pokémon with the ability Multitype.

So, Soak actually will just turn it into a pure water type. Therefore, if you use Forest's curse on salamence then Soak, then it'll turn it into a 2 times multiplier. If you use Soak then Forest's Curse, you'll get a 4 times effective move.

Hope this helps :)

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