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Lv.100 Sableye uses Hone Claws 6 times. Then uses Swagger 3 times. Then uses Punishment. It has a Dark Gem. It is a critical hit. It is against a Lv.1 Abra. How much damage would this do?
By the way, Sableye has a +attack nature and maxed out EVs and IVs in Attack and Abra has a -defense nature and no EVs or IVs in defense.
This is over the OHKO.

NOTE: Will Hone Claws boost Punishment?

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Hone Claws will not. I think it will be about 30,000 damage to 100,000 damage
I thought it would, because the amount of stat increases the opponent has raises the BP, doesn't determine how much damage would be done.

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Punishment works with the number of positive stat changes that apply to the foe and not yours.
But seeing as the formula is: enter image description here
We can assume that it has a natural base power of 60 which is rather pretty low. So with this your Sableye would KO the Abra anyways.
Anyways I created a Pokemonthat has Abra's base stat and typing and I also made a replica of your Sableye and according to the honko calculator it would do the following amount of damage:

+1 252+ Atk Dark Gem Sableye Helping Hand Punishment (60 BP) vs. 0 HP / 0- Def (custom) on a critical hit: 15758-18540 (143254.54 - 168545.45%) -- guaranteed OHKO

I calculated with a critical hit and helping hand boost as these 2 together will give you the same effect of a fully performed Hone Claw boost. I gave Sableye Defiant and the puppet Abra the ability Intimidate to activate the 2x.

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Helping Hand wasn't in the Q, it was Dark Gem.
Helping hand+critical hit=Fully performed Hone Claws as I mentioned in my answer....
OK. but it was +6 from Hone Claws AND the Critical Hit.
When I was typing this answer, that wasn't included in so yeah....
In case you don't understnd what i'm saying, this should clear it up.
Helping Hand + Crit = +6
But the Q asks for +6 and a Crit, so you would have to double it again.
I know what you are saying. i still have to calculate it since it wasn't included in the original post
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252 +6 Atk Dark Gem Sableye (+Atk) Punishment vs 0 HP/0 Def Abra (-Def) :

25470% - 29966.25%

Guaranteed OHKO

Source: Damage Calculator

It does not say it, but I raised Abra's Attack to +6 due to Sableye's Swagger.

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OK, I've worked it out. I think Hone Claws will affect the damage, so I have included it in the calculation.

It will do 213032 - 250626 damage. This assumes no held item.

If Sableye has a Dark Gem, as is in the question, then the attack will do 319543 - 375933 damage.

If Sableye is holding a Choice Band (it was baton passed the Hone Claws boost, and someone else used Swagger on Abra, and Abra didn't switch out for some reason), then it will do 31953295 - 37592112 damage.

In other words Abra will die very quickly :)

Basically what i think he's trying to say, ^ is that Abra is very safe and resistant to that dastardly sableye.
God smite him down for attempting to harm that abra with such sinful tactics.