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so I battled somone with phione and manaphy here is the battle video in oras ps I'm a new user

                                          8 X M G - W W W W - W W 2 J - KEKQ

and here are 2 sweep videos :)

                                             U N L W - W W W W - W W 2 8 - X N H A
                                             9 8 V W - W W W W - W W 2 F - 8 C E 2
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please answer
Why are you using phione?
Why does it say in game team and competitive. Thoss 2 tags should never go together
oopsie let me change that i am using phione cause i like pokemon that are never used it suprises most people
could someone answer
I has phone so I can't view the replays :L
Also, the advantage of using phione is that it is less effective than Manaphy. Yea, that's an ADVANTAGE  as less people will target the  Phione as to them it's useless.

Since I can't click the link, is this combo for single battles or double battles?
They're not links, they're battle vids for the 3DS.
just focus more on the first code i just put the other 2 for fun ps its double

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First I want to say congrats for trying to use Pokemon that normally dont get used. Second I want to state that I myslef do not lile legendary Pokemon battles its just not my thing. You do have a good stratagey I give you that much, but it is flawed. Furstly your entire win is built off of setup. One taunt and your entire combo is broken. Rain Dance is good for hydration but I'm not sure if your Pokemon have it or not. It also open doors for those Pokemon who use the rain to their advantage(Galvantula, Jolteon,etc.) Also you have weak defense. Yes both Manaphy and Phonie are capable of taking specual attacks, but a physical one moght be to much for them. And I hope energy ball isnt your only attacking move. Sap Sipper Azumaril swallows that up and takes less damage from surf due to its water typing. Because you rely on setup your Pokemon lack sufficient power to actually do anything. They areerely hiding behind a facade wich can easily be taken down. You only won that match was because most people dont run taunt on legendaries due to their power they do not need it. Other wise let you be faced witha real competitive battle without legendary Pokemon you may not have won. So its great for legendary but poorly constructed and flawed

Sorry if I was a we bit harsh :(

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manaphy and phione have equal physical and special defenses
okay but his is Specially defensive hence the shortage of the defense
ok well i dont also use legends i just used them for fun and dont worry you were not a little harsh you were very harsh! jk :b ps if anyone is wondering about the set for phione
 Phione @ Damp Rock

Trait: Hydration

EVs: 252 HP / 128 Def / 124 SDef

Calm Nature (+SDef, -Atk)

Ice Beam / Protect
Rain Dance
All credit goes to Ninja