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So I was setting up a powerful aurorus with facade and Refrigerate, and I was wondering if there was a move that poison myself or will I have to use the poison orb :(? Oh and its holding a icicle plate does that work with the ability

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There is no move that (usually) makes a Pokemon burn itself. https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Burn_(status_condition) There are technicalities, like will-O-wisp burning the user if the target has magic bounce, but those are rare. I don't know the answer to the part about the icicle plate.
By the way, hyper voice is usually stronger than burn-boosted facade (especially because burns halve the Pokemon's physical attack, yes this applies to facade), so consider using hyper voice instead.
Burn's damage reduction doesn't apply if the move you're using is Facade (at least not in any game where Refrigerate is an ability that exists), or to any move if your ability is Guts.
Thx for the help guys i learned a bunch and figured i would switch my strat guess i lost my master title if i didnt know simple stuff lol

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There is no moves that can poison the user. Toxic Orb is the only efficient way to poison the user, without really taking away any valuable turns.

By that I mean, if you're doing doubles for instance, your teammate can poison you with Toxic, inflicting the poison, or if you poison your teammate with the ability Synchronize, you will receive it too. However, you can see here that this will take away one of your moves, whereas Toxic Orb will just activate immediately after the first turn (however, you are prone to being hit by Knock Off or maybe by Switcheroo - but even this is very unlikely). So, Toxic Orb would be the best thing for you to hold if your objective is to poison the user.

Hope I helped! :)