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Pokemon Black and White come out in Japan many months before US/Europe, so I was wondering if you can buy them from Japan when they are released in a few weeks? And will they work on an English DS?

Also, is it possible to translate them since I don't know Japanese?

If you are dying to play it just get it, but you will give it away for when it comes out in a language that you speak.
You could learn Japanese. :P
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Did you actually do this?

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If you're willing to use a DS Emulator, you can download the ROM in about a week after the Japanese version is released.

For your actual DS, it's a little more work. Once you download it, get an R4DS card via Ebay, Amazon, etc, and with this blank DS Card, you can put ROMs onto it to play on your DS. With this ROM though, you'll need to add a translation Patch into the Rom's .rar / .zip file to make it English.

Once all of this is finally onto your R4DS card, you should be able to play a pirated Pokemon Black / White on your DS.

It's a vague answer, so google some of these terms if you need some more answers. :P

EDIT: If you're interested in these nifty specialty SD cards, then you can shop and compare DS cards here:


This will help you find the brand you need that best fits your computer / DS, and they start at about $7.00 US, I think (Free shipping too!), so it's pretty affordable.

EDIT2: ...Oh yeah, you can buy the Japanese copies at playasia.com, when they release. They're more expensive than past Pokemon games though ($65.00 +taxes/shipping), so be prepared to look in that couch for some quarters. :P

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Isn't it worth waithing then?
Well, not if you can get it sooner.

The delivery for the R4 card is probably 2 weeks, and in that time, you could find the ROM and Translation Patch easily, then just put it on, from your computer, when it arrives.

You can't put a translation patch on a legitimate copy of a game, which is why the R4 is required over the actual Japanese version, in Pokemaster's case.
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I don't think you can translate as in the pokemon magazines the author sais he got them and could not read it. I already said that you can use them in my question 'Can you play Japanese games on american DSIs. I don't know if you can buy them there, but if you check ebay the will always be on sale.

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Actually, The Games Can Be Hacked from Japanese to English, I Know That For A Fact. My SS Has Been Hacked into English. Of Course, You Would Have To Be a Professional Hacker. But Im Also Sure That Japanese Games Will Play In An English Ds, as My SS is Japanese. I Know This Because it Says, At the Beginning "2009" Pokemon, Where As The English Versions of SS, and HG, were 2010 games. I Dont Know Where You Could By The Japanese games except Ebay, Which Come To Think of it, I got my ss of ebay, so you could probably get a hacked English Version of Black and White, Way Early.

Hope This Helps:)

You could hack any game to english.