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I'm still debating whether or not l should buy Black and White, or wait for the third version of it to come out...

I recently saw something about them not even making the third version, but l'm not even sure.
Just to know, what does Black and White come with when pre-ordered? And how many other events are there for Black and White?

I wouldn't preorder it. You really don't need to reserve a copy of any video game. Most won't be sold out, with the exception of Call of Duty games.

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A Pre-Order gives you a Reserved copy of the Game you Pre-Order. You also get it for a cheaper price(but ends up being to same with the Pokemon series) If you want to get it before it seeks out, get a Pre-Order, or else just buy it when it comes out. I have no idea about the events, sorry.

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Well, in terms of extra goodies, all you get is a Zekrom / Reshiram Wall cling, and so far, this is only confirmed for pre-ordering at a Toys R' Us. Not really a great extra gift...

The best place to order seems to be at Best Buy, which will give you a $5-$10 Gift Card for the store if you pre-ordr, essentially dropping the cost of the games to only $24.99!

Toys R' Us Pre-Order fees are $5, and I'd assume the same for Best Buy. Pre-Order sales in Canada (Zellers, EB Games, etc.) are within the $8-$12 fee range; quite a bit more pricey.

Adding on to Will's answer, the point of them sayin there won't be a third one is so people like you buy Black/White. It is a common marketing strategy.