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When I was playing my games it always says 'fall' for the season, but last night on white it changed from 'fall' to 'winter' to 'spring', for some reason, witch was right. But I was going to deleat the game so I was dissipointed.


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This is because it is march .
The in-game seasons last for one month each .
January -spring
February -summer
March -fall
April -winter
May -spring
June -summer
July -fall
August -winter
September -spring
October -sumner
November -fall
December -winter

These are the in-game months for the respective seasons.

Also the changing seasons happens when you turn on the game on a different month to the one you saved on. Eg if it was "fall" in march, then you turned on the game next in may it would start with fall then when you go outside it changes to winter then spring.

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