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i was training my pokemon in the double grass at iccirus city when the seasons change form winter to spring. Am I stuck there forever?

well untill next winter at leest just dont save
Always carry a Pokemon with Fly.

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as i said in the comment dont save if you have you can always wait untill winter as i said not the next season as firetypeuller said
but there is a way round it i havent checked it but if you change the month on your ds to either Apr, Aug, Dec you should be able to get down then save then change back to right month

You can make it winter again by going to the settings menu in your DS and change the date
That's what I put in it
I'm afraid that it might not work; seasons only reset once you enter and re-exit a building.
Once its Winter in your game (and if its supposed to be a different season) it will not change the season until you enter and re-exit a building.

But please do tell if that^ works Pwnyta; it's awesome how that even happened!