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So now that you can use TM's multiple times,and they act just like HM's, is there any difference between them in black/white? are there still hm's?


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Well, to use use certain HMs, you still need the badges that correspond to them. Also, HMs still can`t be forgotten, as far as I know. Finally, only HMs have field abilities now.

Yeah...That`s basically it.

Thanks! haha, I think its so annoying how you can't forget HM's.
Well, it's only fair. Imagine how easy it could be to get trapped in a certain area, if you had the freedom to delete HMs! That could pose many problems, haha!
Not really you could always make them remeber hm again
Picture getting an HM Pokemon through a trade, before you get the HM. Conveniently, you have the right badge to use it. You get across the obstacle with the HM, then you delete it. You go forward and hit a dead end, by means of the same obstacle. You go back, and the obstacle is back. Uh-oh, you're stuck!
Couldn't you get the move remover to get rid of a HM?
Yeah you can............
There is still Flash as a TM.
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The only difference between Tms and Hms are when your pokemon is learning a new move you can delete a move taught by a Tm but not an Hm but the only way to delete the move taught by a Hm is the move deleter and Will isn't right. The moves dig and flash are Tms and are used as field moves still.

Hope This Helped

so is sweet scent
Sweet Scent is not a TM.
yeah but it is a field move