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I have a Sylveon, but it almost ALWAYS wins a battle. It almost never gets affected by status conditions.Does this make it a little too overpowered?


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That's because its affection is high in Pokemon Amie, which was needed for its evolution.

High Affection in Pokemon Amie allows your Pokemon to shrug off status ailments, raises its evasion and increases its critical hit chance.

Sylveon as a Pokemon is not overpowered. Pokemon Amie as a feature, however, is.

Yeah, there seems to be a lot of ways to train up Pokémon in X and Y. Super training and Amie, I love them!
Thanks. I was really wondering if it was overpowered or if it was the feature that was the problem.
Note that Pokemon Amie's effects only happen in-game.  They do not take effect during battles in the Battle Maison, Battle Institute, or in the metagame since, as mentioned above, it would be overpowered.