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Mawile @Mawilite

Ability - Hyper Cutter - Huge Power
Play Rough
Iron Head
Stone Edge/Rock Slide
Sucker Punch

Intimidate won't be needed as Mega Mawile has high enough defense for it to tank physical hits and Hyper Cutter preserves the attack needed for it's Mega evolution to hit at it's fullest. Stone Edge for coverage against fire to which most Mawile would fall (Rock Slide for better accuracy and for hitting multiple foes in double/triple battles) and Sucker Punch for powerful priority (remedy to Mega Mawile's subpar speed). The other two attacks for powerful physical STAB. The idea is to switch in after a KO to revenge kill and Mega Evolve as soon as possible to go boom. Would this strategy work? If not then can a better Mega Mawile strategy be suggested?


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That can work, but revenge killing is normally reserved for a Pokemon with high speed, or one with a Choice Scarf. I would say Mawile functions much better as a set-up sweeper with Swords Dance, or a Trick Room attacker with the kind of set you have.

Intimidate is good for bringing Mawile in on Pokemon who threaten it with physical SE attacks such as Flare Blitz. However Hyper Cutter isn't bad either as it stops you from being Intimidated. I would say your set is good, but the way you're using it is not. Mawile is definitely a slow Pokemon who should attempt to either sweep or deal some damage like other physical attackers.

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So can mawile switch in on a resisted physical hit, go mega immediately and sweep teams?