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Quick question about my Gallade, I'm making him to be a swords dance set, but I see he can learn power up punch, which would be better? Swords Dance or Power up Punch? his other moves are:

Psycho Cut
Drain Punch
leaf blade

Any opinions are welcome, just sorta want the move that could be most effective, any other critiques could be helpful too (some people have told me Night Slash over leafblade)


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2 Answers

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In MY opinion I would choose swords dance. Why? well power up punch isnt that strong its only 40 base power and only ups attack in one stage plus sense not being a really strong attack they could beat you gallade while you power up for the low damage dealt and the time it takes you to upper your attack.

On the other side words dance is way faster to up you attack harshly (two stages) and even though you dont attack gallade can endure a hit or two and its speed isnt half bad so you could just swords dance once or twice and sweep

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Since gallade is slow at 80 speed I would use power up punch. It's best used as a finisher imo. Swords dance gives the better boost, but you have to take at least 1 free hit, and not being confident of attacking first after the boost would worry me.