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is there like a certain task or something along those lines to get it?

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i think that you need to be more specific about what you mean by the sundae dress for people to answer the question
There is a really cool dress you can get. The boys get a pancham hat and the girls get the dress. I was wondering how to get that dress since you can't by it in any stores
to be honest its kind of odd becuase  I don't really like the Pangoro hat very much
Same here

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There is a woman in Kiloude City. She is near the top of the city, just on the left of where the lake is.

She will ask to see a trainer with a stylish, colourful outfit - and you're gonna be that stylish, colourful trainer.

She will want to see an outfit that will get you the different sound. (When you finish changing clothes, remember that sound that you hear when you dress your trainer? She will want to hear an outfit that is worth a particular sound.)

When you fulfill her pleasure, she will give you the Sundae Dress.
Also, when you wear it the sound you hear when dressing will be a really awesome trumpet sound. ;D

Hope I helped. :)
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Thank you so much indigo! It really helped a lot!
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It'll depend on what she wants to 'paint'. She'll give you a brief description on how you should dress (mine was 'pastel colours, lace and ribbons'.)

so just head to the PokeCenter and get changed, and then there'll be some flashy BG sparkling or sort and a special sound. (mine had a lot of flowers falling and a really nice xylophone music)

Then head back and talk to the artist and if it's what she wants, she'll award you with the sundae dress. c:

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