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It can be found post-game at the Shabboneau Castle, which is located in Camphrier Town. Serebii can confirm this.

So yeah, make sure that Professor Sycamore has upgraded your Mega Ring in Anistar City and then look for the Mega Stone any time between 8:00 PM - 8:59 PM.


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Ok I will check I REALLY want to use Mega Mawile
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You Get It In Shabboneau Castle. Post Game.

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Post game refers to defeating the Elite 4.  You have to have become the Kalos Region champion before you can find a lot of the Mega Stones, as well as entering certain locations containing legendary Pokemon.

Think original Mewtwo in the cave behind Cerulean City -- there's a guy blocking it every time you go there until after you defeat Gary, at which point he will have vanished, giving you access to the cave.  In more recent games, this has been applied to a lot of Legendaries, special items, extra quantities of previously extremely limited items, etc.
Uh, yeah I'm pretty sure people know what post game means.
Originally this answer said something along the lines of "You Get It In Shabboneau Castle, Not Post Game."
I know JarJar. I just realized it was post-game