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I want one for my Roselia.

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um roselia evolves via shiny stone not leaf

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You can get one on Route 8, in Laverre City, and back on Route 18. You can also buy one in the Stone Emporium in Lumiose City.


Leaf Stone won't help your Roselia. You need a Shiny Stone for that which can be found on Routes 12 and 18.

Leaf Stone
Shiny Stone

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Where specifically on Route 12?
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Yout can get a leaf stone at:

  • Route 8
  • Laverre City
  • Stone Emporium in Lumiose City
  • Secret Super Training
  • Route 18 (Inverse Battle Prize)
  • Routes Route 9 and Route 18 (using Rockslide on red rocks in battle)

And you can't evolve Roselia with a leaf stone but there info on where to get that on the site I linked below as well n_n

Source: Experience and IGN

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Didn't know about Super Training and Rock Slide qq
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