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I was thinking these Pokemon Orbs wouldn't be here for no reason, so can you actually catch these Legendary Sinnoh Pokemon through an event or something? The only event I know about atm is the Torchic with the Blazikenite.


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No, you can't. The reason they're put there is because you can't transfer items from previous generations, so the Time Trio's respective orbs can't be obtained unless your newer generation game provides them in-game.

As for events, there was one recent one that gave out the shiny Time Trio in Gen V.

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No you can't get these with an event yet or anything.
However, when PokeBank comes out (PokeTransporter) you can transfer Dialga/Palkia/Giratina to your game, and since I don't believe you can transfer items, you'll be able to equip those items on to them. However their might be an event for them coming out sometime this century.