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I got a level 1 for froakie that hatched from an egg with the ability protean. How did this person breed to get froakie to have a protean ability. In other words what two Pokemon am I supose to breed to get that outcome


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First, catch a Frogadier from the Friend Safari, because they have a chance to get the ability Protean. Then put that Frogadier in the Day-Care with a Pokemon of the opposite gender that's in the same Egg Group as Frogadier. Female Pokemon with their hidden ability will give you a higher chance of hatching the offspring with its hidden ability.

The most notable change is that Hidden Abilities, which previous
required you to have the mother with the Hidden Ability, can now be
bred without the mother having it. If the father has got the Hidden
Ability, there is a small chance that the offspring will also have
their Hidden Ability. However, this only works if you are breeding
with a Ditto. This is even more useful considering Hidden Abilities
are more easily found via Hordes and Friend Safari-Serebii

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So if I breed my froakie with the ability protean with a dito than the offspring will have protean am I right?
If the Froakie is male breed with a Ditto, but if it's a Male breed it with a Pokemon within the same Egg Group or with a Ditto too xD
In other words: Males can only pass down their hidden ability if it's bred with a Ditto. Females can pass their hidden ability with a Pokemon in its Egg Group or with a Ditto.
My froakie is male when I breed it with a ditto will it have protean. Is this a 100 percent chance?
No, it's a small chance
So in other words if it is female it will be a 100 percent chance? Oh and one more question if I breed both from the same egg group and only the female has protean will the offspring have a 100 percent chance of having it?
No, it's not a 100% chance with a Female, but the offspring will have a higher chance of getting Protean.
Ok I will try that thank you for your time!
No, problem! :)