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This question is related to the question Can you breed Pokemon with Dream World abilities for their offspring to have the Dream World ability too?

So, let's create a scenario!
I obtained a Glaceon with the Dream World ability from the Eeveelution game event that passed before. (The one when you bounce a ball off a platform you control and break bricks, where at the end you receive one of the eeveelutions varying on how many balls you collected in the game).
If l breed this Glaceon, the offspring will be Eevee no matter what.
However, since there is only a chance of passing down abilities from their mother to the offspring, what will happen in this situation where Glaceon's offspring will not be a Glaceon, but an Eevee?
Will there be any chance of the Eevee having the Dream World ability, allowing me to evolve it into any other Eeveelution with a Dream World ability as well, or will the Dream World ability be exclusive for Glaceon only, and not be passed down to Eevee?

In this scenario, when breeding, what is the Glaceon's gender? Does it matter? LOL, it's funny how I'm asking a question within a question :P

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Yes, it will get passed down since Eevee has a DW ability called Anticipation, and if you evolve it to lets say Glaceon, it will gain Glaceon's DW ability.

NICE! Thank you! :D
No problem :D