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So heres what happens and its really fustraiting, I could use advice for this big time!

Im in the middle of using the pokeradar and getting perfect chains and whenever you see a bush that is 'bad' you have to recharge the radar and use it again (reset for more better bushes), so thats what I do but, sometimes when I do that and press the radar it turns off by itself? And all my chain is gone, this is really fustraiting since I made it far and it shuts itself off when I press the radar. Why does this happen? Any advice? Maybe to do with the new 1.1 pack?

Please answer this guys


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First off, there's nothing to do with the 1.1 Patch. That fixed the Luminose City glitch,

Now, for your PokeRadar question. If you are in a chain, DO NOT press the PokeRadar again, as it will turn off. This resets the chain. When you defeat/catch the Pokemon in a chain, you automatically see more grass shaking. Walk into the grass and you will find either the same Pokemon, or something that breaks the chain (different Pokemon, nothing in grass). Simple as that.

Side Note: Don't use Roller Skates, as you can't even activate it in the first place with Roller Skates on.

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But, what if you see all grasses that are light shaking and not violently shaking? Or eeither they're all around the edges, There are times when you need to restart the pokeradar to try and get violent bushes shaking- this still allows me to continue my chain but, very rarely when i press it again the pokeradar shut off. Is there like a limit on how many times you reset and it turns itself off? The fact it turns itself off is pretty annoying.
There is no limit on how many times you reset, but when doing a chain, look for bushes that shook the same level of shakiness. These bushes contain the same Pokemon.
But still sometimes you have to use the pokeradar again when you get no bushes like that at all. And not use the bushes near the edges or together shaking, i just think its stupid they make it turn off like that.
Chains are a matter of patience and luck. There will be annoyances until you catch that Pichu-Colored Pichu or that White Treeveant.