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Okay its been A week sense I started my journey to try and gain my own Shiny Pawniard In route 15 and I have not made any progress because of this one event that I and some expert friends of my who use the PokeRadar alot have still found no explanation for or even any post of it occurring in any other game. This happen either when you start a chain or are in the middle of a chain and its seems COMPLETELY RANDOM So I cant find anything about it not even videos or fourm posts. When I charge up my Pokeradar to either start a chain or reset the bushes and I activate the PokeRadar..NOTHING HAPPENS No bushes move at all and this ENDS MY CHAIN....This is now pissing me off as it starting to occur so many times that I feel scared everytime I use the PokeRadar...My Friends have done this and it doesnt happen to them at all there even do the same patches of grass and still nothing...Whats going on? Some one Please help I really want a Shiny Pawniard


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Before I answer, I have to say that this is just my theory.

The grass on route 15 is not optimum for shiny chaining; there's not enough of it at any one place. I've had that before with places that don't have enough grass to chain. That additionally means you frequently have little choice but to go into patches on the edge of the grass, which are liable to break your chain. I've had that happen to me once or twice in optimum chaining places like Route 7; it's just a risk with edge patches.

Also, turn on your music (if it's off) and see if you do something wrong before you reset the Pokeradar. If you do, the music will switch back to the route music in order to tell you you've somehow ended your chain. You might have accidentally walked into Route 16 or something, or selected another key item (when chaining only have the Pokeradar on your Y button). I don't know how much you know about chaining, so you might be doing something wrong and not realising it, like getting on your skates or your bike.

I think the best way to see if your Pokeradar is glitched is go into Route 5, and try to chain in that huge patch of purple grass, since that's the easiest patch to chain in. If your friends have the time, ask them to help you chain by watching you, since they'll be able to pick out what you might possibly be doing wrong.

Your Not too Far off the Theory Me and My friends have thought for a bit but the weird thing is like. This Glitch Didnt not work for them until like day two of their research. they continued to play this game for two days until they finally found this to happen to them and it some how spreads into the other routes and Place I grind for shinies is the largest patch of grass near the intersection of route 15, route 16, and dendemille town. Once this glitch happens once it increases in catch and get more likely to happen and I have made sure this Glitch works in other areas. Once you get it wont stop...So I don't know what Causes it. and Plus I keep my music all the way up after the fifth time it happened. I even put headphones in and keep the volume all the way up. and Once I either leave a battle or active the Pokeradar for the first time it the Pokeradar song doesn't show up and just continues or it stops and returns to the original route music. They saw it happen..I followed the rules that they taught me. I made even little motto I repeat to myself everytime i do the Pokeradar, All Repels, Next to Each other, Fastest Shaking , Farthest away. and This has got me to a chain of 18 pawniards and this my first week of ever using the Pokeradar which I say is an accomplishment. but with this Glitch I haven't been able to even pass a chain of 4 pawniards. I just hope you guys see whats wrong...I'll Comment More if I find anything else
I really think it's the location; some grass is just not good for shiny chaining, and there are few places in X&Y to chain properly.

My advice would be if you want a shiny Pawniard, use the Masuda method and breed for it. It's less trouble than trying to chain for it in really patchy grass.
Well It cant be if the Glitch works on other routes like route 5
Then it's just the grass isn't suitable for chaining. Like I say, the patchier and the smaller the patch of grass is, the more you're forced to enter edge patches to keep chaining, and edge patches are liable to break your chain.
No I know what Im doing when Im doing a chain I seen videos and attempts by my friends to learn and Im a quick learner. I even Said I made a motto but I kinda forgot it a bit and switched the Next to each other part with that I had before sense I forgot they can't be next to each other...It was... Not by the Edge...So the Real Motto was All Repels. Not by the Edge. Fastest Shaking Farthest away. The only ever mistake I made multiple times was pick ones that were next to others. And even the fastest was on the edge I won't never take the risk to go to it. So you say that Im that mistakeful to pick ones by the edge. and I just said..IF IT WORKS IN BIG AREAS TOO IT CANT BE THE SMALLER PATCHES. You talking like im saying it that the glitch doesnt work in patches...It work in ANY SPOT IN ANY PATCH. So I could be in the middle and when i use the pokeradar or finish a battle..NOTHING WITH SHAKE.
Are you defeating the pokemon? or are you hitting the run button? because if you run, your chain will break.
I'm pretty sure it's the distribution of the grass. When I was chaining on Route 7, I entered an edge patch at the top of my screen. When I exited it, the music just turned back to the route music. My theory is that there was too few patches to generate new grass, since there were only about ~10 patches on the screen when my chain broke. The less grass there is on the screen, the more likely the chain is to break, since there's fewer options for the game to generate shaking patches, and Route 15 is not a very good place for chaining exactly because of this reason.
Your actually Wrong cause again Like I SAID about the THRID TIME THIS GLITCH WORKS IN EVEN LARGER AREAS NOT JUST SMALL I have tested and footage of it AND IT SHOWS ME DOING THIS GLITCH IN EVEN LARGER AREAS THANK AND GOODNIGHT. It not that Im leaving the of patch grass it not Im running away it not  it clearly shows me in route 15 doing the glitch showing you that is not working Hell it happen twice in a row showing both times when it can happen.