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I am confused. I heard pokerus is EVEN MORE rare than shiny Pokemon. I have gotten pokerus THREE TIMES now! And I haven't gotten even 1 shiny Pokemon. Is it pure luck, a glitch, or did someone mis-count the chance of pokerus effecting your Pokemon? I am playing soul silver, if that's going to help answer. It is pre-owned, too.


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Yes luck is on your side. Though the chances are low doesnt mean that you will find more shiny Pokemon than Pokemon with Pokerus. Some people can find Pokerus easier than they can find shiny Pokemon. Either way enjoy the pokerus.

One quick question. How big is the chance that you will find a shiny pokemon with pokerus?
very low :P
3 in 65,536 to be exact. :P
i got it by trading
Pokerus easy to get, once you actually get it, since it can be spread.