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Just wondering because I have one :3 I also have level 100 shiny gallade and gardevoir (gardevoir had pokerus before)

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It depends on what language the Arceus's name is in:

If it's name is in Japanese:
Not very rare to the people in Japan because of the event. (That is currently still going on)(More info in my source) But to the rest of the world it's pretty rare to get and to have.

If it's name is not Japanese:
It's hacked, the only way to get a shiny Arceus is through the event that is only available in Japan.

For the Gallade and Gardevoir they are somewhat rare to have and to obtain. Ralts are easy to get in ORAS, you can just breed or dexnav for a shiny Ralts. However the Gallade is slightly rarer than the Gardevoir because Gallade can only be male.
If they are hacked they are rare but worthless.

Hope I helped!

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Thank you my pokemon are not hacked Btw can somebody edit it so it says it has pokerus? it does and i forgot to mention it I am also a GIRL
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Not trying to discourage you, but your Pokemon, if 100% legit is quite rare, given that you transferred it from any of the Sinnoh games, caught through the event. However, nowadays, people use hacks and other prpgrams like ActionReplay and Pokegen, to get a desired Pokemon. This of course is illegitimate, but wide spread, as these are received by unsuspecting people on the GTS and the Wonder Trade.

Anyway, the standard rarity of a Pokémon is 1\8192 for all Pokemon, and I think Arceus is no exception ( unless it was shiny locked, which I doubt it was).

Now about the pther two, sorry but they're more common than the Arceus, what with the DexNav thing, the Masuda Metod, and Shiny Charm. Regardless, they're quite rare, ar around 1/4096 chance if breeded by Pokémon of different countries, and nearly thrice as likely with the Shiny Charm.

Still, quite a feat, and if they're legit and\or not cloned, then you're one lucky person!

Damn, late by 3 minutes!
Not cloned, not hacked YAY!
It isn't possible to transfer an Arceus from gen 4 to gen 6, shiny or not, since the event wasn't officially launched. It wasn't shiny locked if you hacked the event onto D/P/Pl, but it wasn't possible to get a legitimate shiny Arceus until the event in Japan.

The odds in gen 6 are 1/4096 without the shiny charm. With the Masuda Method, it is 1/1365.

If the Arceus is English, it isn't legit, because only Japanese people got the shiny Arceus event.
Its in Japanese
if someone in America got it in a trade, could they nickname it arceus?