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Just wondering
(Random shiny, no chaining or hatching)

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Hahaha, that's crazy!

  • The rate of a shiny encounter is 1 in 8192.
  • The rate of an encounter with a Pokemon with Pokerus is 3 in 65,536.

It would be a .0000457763672% x 0.000122070312% chance so if my calculations are correct:

The chance of an encounter with a shiny Pokemon with Pokerus would be a:
0.00000000558793543% chance. Or 1/178956971.

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Pokerus doesnt affect exp (if u meant exp by ex) Luck egg doesn't affect ev's (if u mant ev by ex) :(
I meant exp. And i caught a shiny zubat before you slap you forehead and say really a zubat,it had pokerus.
Lol, I get really lucky for Pokérus. I once got it the first time I battled a wild Pokémon.
Wowwww that chance :O
no joke, i got a shiny latias with pokerus through wonder trade today