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So I hope the tittle is clear, thing is I have two Arceus' and they had Pokerus, now today I loaded up Pokemon X his Pokerus is gone but the odd thing is that they don't have the Pokerus Cured Smilie Icon, is he able to get Pokerus again if that's the case too? I'm confused.


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First off all, try giving Pokerus to your Arceus again. If it works, then he never had Pokerus in the first place. If he doesn't get it, then your game is glitched(i'm not so sure).

I have infected one of the Arceus' again with Pokerus and it worked
However I have looked at the two Arceus' summary last week and both of them had Pokerus.
Ah well, looks like a glitch is over the horizon?
yes i guess so