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Here are my moves so far:

[Leftovers]Drifblim(Aftermath)- Will-O-wisp, Hex, Stockpile, Rest

Is it worth keeping rest (i.e. will it be useful enough) and will I have to change my moves (changing will-o-wisp, and Hex) to fully utilise the move Sleeptalk, or should I keep the majority of moves (including the Will-O-wisp/hex combo) and transfer the stat changes of my wall over to a less defensive Pokemon with batton pass. Because he is one of the few wall Pokemon that can learn batton pass, I feel like I am missing out on an oportunity


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Personally If I was to give Drifblim Rest I would give Drifblim a Chesto Berry so that it wakes up first turn. I would also give Drifblim the ability Unburden because after you use Rest and the Chesto Berry activates your speed will double because you don't have a held item.

So if your planning on giving your Drifblim Rest I would recommend breeding it so it has the ability Unburden as it takes advantage of Drifblim consuming it's held item. Otherwise I wouldn't give Drifblim the Rest and Chesto combination because you can only use it once and you can wall much longer with leftovers and protect.

Hope I helped :)

Unburden boosts your speed stat by 50% when you don't have a held item.