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In other words I really want a shiny chinchou and remoraid keeps appearing way too much. Can I put a Pokemon with static in the first slot of my party to increase the chance of encountering it in the chain? I don't want an explanation or anything like that I just want to know if static will work

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Sorry I am a bit use to poke radar

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Yes, but only if the lead Pokemon has static (the one in the top left corner).
Although if you do this instead of using Suction Cups, then Pokemon will not always hook and there is a higher probability of your chain ending.


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If I chain in a corner with rocks and all of that good stuff and have let's say pikachu as the lead will I get far in the chain( my high score is 78 with suction cups)
As long as you keep hooking Pokemon, yes.
However, this isn't a guaranteed hook.
Thank you sooooo much!