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I hope not because I went a really far way and didn't save.My friendship with my Pokemon is really low.All Pokemon in my party are traded and dont have the needed badge and very low friendship.Help I am in a middle of a battle and forgot to save before none of the Pokemon are obeying all lv.100.Please tell me they will obey me for once.This is for gen 5.

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Some glitch pokemon are over level 100 so they will never obey you, as the highest gym badge only let's you breed pokemon up to level 100, which it says is all pokemon, but not when you have glitch pokemon caught above level 100!

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They will obey you once you get the badge that is needed, and they won't never obey you.

Since your Pokemon are Level 100, you need the 8th Gym Badge from Iris/Drayden

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I had pearl once, and I beat the 2nd gym leader, and I had a level 56 magcargo. The magcargo was frustrating, but when I got the gym badge it did obey me.

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