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Is it a new feature in 5th Gen or is it just my EMU giving me a lucky glitch/bug? I played using EMU because I'm not allowed to buy a DS.

I obtained TM Work Up from Cheren after defeating him, and I have teached the TM to multiple Pokémons in my party (Jolteon, Lucario, Pidove).

Sorry if this sounds a bit dumb/unimportant. I'm just genuinely curious because TMs are normally single-use.

Plus I started playing B2 back when I knew very little about Pokémon (especially how TMs/HMs work) so I just brush off the fact that I used my TMs multiple times.

Yes, Gen 5 made TMs multi-use.
TMs have been reusable since gen five. After gen four, games have basically slowly become noob friendly

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No, it's not a bug.
Gen 5 onward, TMs become reusable just like HMs. You can now use them infinite times, but in exchange the price of TMs has increased considerably in shops but they are now reusable like HMs.

Prior to Generation V, TMs are single-use items that are consumed after use, in contrast to Hidden Machines (HMs) which are not consumed. From Generation V onward, TMs are not consumed after use.


Hope this helps!

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