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I mean hms have unlimited use but tms are one use only wouldn't it be better to have them the ones that are hard to forget

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Yeah, I suppose it'd be better to use HMs if there were some variety in the typing. (Seriously, Fighting, normal, Water, and Flying. That's it. And please, who wants to use the weakest Fighting-type attack in the game?)

Also, HMs are unlimited in uses, but can only be forgotten by a Move Deleter. This tends to be tedious if you want to teach your Blastoise Hydro Pump, per se, but already have Surf on him. In that case, you need to stop learning Hydro Pump, delete the move with a Move Deleter, AND get a Heart Scale to remember Hydro Pump, which is extremely frustrating.

Do not worry, my friend: GameFreak has done a great job giving Pros and Cons between TMs and HMs. =)

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The reason you can't delete HMs is to stop you deleting an important move and getting trapped. If you used Surf to go across a patch of water, then forgot the move, you wouldn't be able to get back. And what if you deleted the move while surfing?

However, in theory you could still delete moves because if you got trapped you could relearn the move to get out. You can't throw away HMs anymore but I think you could in the early games so that's where it comes from.

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Because you can only get hms if you beat gym leaders and you have to find tms

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