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In gen 5 I understand how the hm is used but what about x and y? If you send a Pokemon with dive to gen6 through Pokemon bank what will happen? Is there places it can be used? I know that Pokemon bank hasn't come out yet but I'm just curious on what may or might happen.

Im not sure but i would assume that they wont let you transfer pokemon that know hm's like for poketransfer in 5th gen, so you probably cant transfer a pokemon with dive.
Yeah, I think so too.
To be honest after thinking about it I think when you transfer a pokemon with dive it won't be considered an hm. Just my opinion though I won't know what will really happen until pokemon bank comes out.
Idk, I remember that I tried to transfer a Pokemon that knew a HM (either Rock Climb or Surf, can't remember) from HeartGold to Black 2, but it couldn't.
This gen may have a different kind of system. Maybe they will let you transfer pokemon with hm moves. The x and y website never said anything about if it would or not. I just can't wait until it comes out so I can try it out.
Maybe it'll have a different system :)
Yeah. Me too

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Dive learned through HM will have to be deleted if you want to trade them to XY, but there are some Pokemon who can learn dive naturally. Even then the move will be just a regular move, with no extra effect.

Hope I helped.

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Are you possitive about this? I mean I think either it's a new transfer system or the hm will get converted into a regular move it can learn
The HM itself will no longer exist in XY. So you will have to delete it in order to transfer I. But Pokemon who naturally learn it will have it listed as a regular move.
How do you know this for sure?
There aren't any dive spots to use Dive.
I know that. But how do you know exactly what will happen when you try to transfer a Pokemon with Dive?
Yeah that's what my question asked
Oh, I'm sorry about that I thought you were refering about the move itself not its effect through pokebank. Forgive me. But my answer refers to previous transfer systems such as PokeTransfer which forces you to do so before transferring them. Even when migrating you had to, but I'm assuming that they'll do the same, I mean Game Freak rarely changes. So again I apologize for the confusion. (I should've read your full questionaire, I answered only the first half of your question.)
It's alright don't worry about it everyone makes mistakes. And besides as of right now my question is technically unanswerable since no info about it has been realeased.