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Any specific generation?

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OK I ran some tests on our database to come up with this list for Black & White:

Unown learns Hidden Power by level, but not TM.
Wynaut and Wobbuffet learn Safeguard by level, but not TM.
Kricketot learns Struggle Bug by level, but not TM.
Burmy learns Hidden Power and Protect by level, but not TM.
Tynamo learns Charge Beam and Thunder Wave by level, but not TM.

There are several more for Gen 4 as well - mainly Pokemon that can learn Light Screen, Reflect or Safeguard via egg move. But also a couple others such as Totodile and Dragon Claw. But their evolutions can learn them so not sure any of these count.

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Bulbapedia/ Incompatible Pokemon

Take Tynamo


He learns Thunder Wave & Charge Beam as starting moves. However, he is not able to be taught Thunder Wave via TM73 or Charge Beam via TM57
That's as close as i can get to your criteria.

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Many Pokemon learn HMs/TMs through leveling up, salamence learning fly at level 50 is an example, if you want a full list just ask.

My question is that is there a pokemon that can only learn a move that is also a Tm or Hm through leveling up, so that means you can't teach that pokemon the move through a Tm or Hm.
In that case I really don't know.
learning a move by leveling up that is not possible by TM is kinda redundant. If it can learn the move, it can learn the move. simple as that.
Lol theirs a Pokemon that gets giga drain through breeding but can't learn it via tm ;) I forgot what it is.
Well if that is what you want to know, I suggest you edit your question, so that it actually says what you want to know.