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What is it, can someone please tell me? :)

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power?  worst move? please be specific.

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There is only one answer to this question.........

(Drum Roll).....................

It's SPLASH !!!!!!!!!

Here's what splash does :

Doesn't do ANYTHING.


However, Frustation and Return with highest possible and lowest possible happiness respectively, as UberPwnage said, are the weakest TM's learnt.

The weakest HM(s) undoubtedly is Cut, but Flash is close too.

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Magikarp (Lvl 1) used Splash!!
Arceus (lvl 100) fainted due to laughing too hard !
I can't believe that i forgot about this move lolz.
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Weakest Moves Possible:

Return if your Pokemon has minimum happiness (0). It can have a power of 0

Frustration if your Pokemon has maximum happiness (102). It can also have a power of 0.

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Does that mean they can possibly do no damage?