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I have two young boys who have a growing interest in Pokémon cards. I would like to buy them the Fall 2013 Pokémon tins (Deoxys, Thundurus, and Lugia) but would like to know if these tins contain the same cards or random cards. For instance, if I buy them both the Thundurus tin, will they end up having the same exact cards or will each have different cards in their Thundurus tin. Also, is there a way to tell which tin has better cards or is it just a hit and miss (i.e. sometimes Thundurus will have strong cards, sometimes it won't.) My older son always seems to have stronger cards than my younger son, so I'm trying to help my younger son out by getting him a stronger tin (or deck) than I would get my older son.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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Unless it is explicitly stated in the back of the tin/deck, everything is random (except for the promotional card on tins, i.e. Thundurus (you can see it through the pane on the front)).

Also, your older son could be stronger due to him being older and implying more strategy into their TCG Battles.

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Thank you LeScarf. Honestly, my older one doesn't know the strategies, they say his cards are just better (they just look at the HP number, they don't really know how to play the game).
HP doesn't mean everything :P