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I want it.


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Firsly did you choose Chespin as your starter? If so you'll find Articuno randomly. If you've seen it once you can check its location in the pokedex.

Chespin - Articuno
Fennekin - Zapdos
Froakie - Moltres

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yes. your saying that if I look at it`s location in the pokedex it will tell me where to look next?
Yes it will but its like roaming pokemon in previous games, which means upon entering the location it will move sadly.
You forgot to mention you have to find it 18 times before you can catch it in Sea Spirit's Den
Ah yea haven't caught it myself yet so didn't know that part :p.
Not 18 times, 12 times.
Oh, dang I thought it was 18, but now on bulbapedia it says only ten. Hmmmm...
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Articuno wanders the routes IF you chose Chespin. he flys to random routes and automatically flees. But after 12 encounters, he will be in the Sea Spirits Den, where you can fight, and catch him.
Source; Experience(I caught him)

me to it was hard
It was hard. The only part I cherished was actually catching him