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These are the"Regional delicacies" from the previous games (don't know what else to call them):
Kanto/Johto - RageCandyBar,
Hoenn - Lava Cookie,
Sinnoh - Gateau (is that Sinnoh's? I wasn't sure),
Unova- CasteliaCone

This question's making me hungry xD I always wanted to try a RageCandyBar..

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The RageCandyBar is available at Random Hotels.
The Lava Cookie is available at Random Hotels.
The Old Gateau is not available. (However, Serebii does state that it is available, it just doesn't state where, along with a few other sources)
The CasteliaCone is not available at all.

Hope I helped. :)
Source: Serebii's ItemDex entries

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The Rage Candy Bar can be found in random hotels in Kalos, and so can the Lava Cookie. The Old Gateau is unobtainable as of now, and so is the Casteliacone.

They're not at that stand in Lumiose?
No, they are not. You get Lumiose Galettes there.
Oh right, I forgot