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My Klefki needs it.

A strategy I like to use when trying to find items on Pokemon that maybe aren't usually common, is get something with the ability "Frisk" (Like Noivern for example) and as soon as you encounter the Pokemon, frisk will detect the item if it is there. If the Pokemon doesn't hold an item, than frisk won't show up and you can just run. Hope this helped!

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I can confirm Goletts hold them. Just got one today by raising the chance of wild hold items having a Nincada (Compound Eyes) in the front then changing to Phantump with Frisk to see if the Golett was holding it. After that just Thief it, Phantump learns it by TM. You can also use Pumpkaboo. Good luck for my Meowstic and your Klefki ;)

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I suggest trying to use Thief on a load of Goletts. They can be found on Route 10. As a disclaimer, I actually haven't got any Light Clay in my game, but I also haven't tried to get it. But it stands to reason that wild Goletts might hold it, because they did in Black/Whie.