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I need the light clay, but I don't know where it is could someone help me please?

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The "Light Clay can't be bought nor found in the region/shops.
The only way to obtain it is to find a Baltoy or Claydol holding this item. Baltoy can be located on route 111, where as Claydol is located in the "Sky Pillar". To save your time, you should get a Pokemon with Frisk and Theif so you can collect the item, such as Noibat, Gothitelle, etc..
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Sky Pillar

Dex nav chain for Claydols and they have the chance to be holding Light Clay

Route 111

Dex Nav chain for Baltoys and they have a chance to be holding the Light Clay

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Baltoy on Route 111 is where I got mine. You definitely don't want to use a Pokemon with Frisk since that only lets you know when you find a Poke that is holding. Instead use a Pokemon that has Compound Eyes since it actually increases the chance of wild Pokemon holding an item significantly. I like to use Vivillon since it also learns Thief. Just make sure the Pokemon with Compound Eyes is the first member in your party and its not already holding an item since Thief won't work otherwise.

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