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so do you know where it is i've heard gollet carries it but its only 5% is there another way or something?

please tell me


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There is no way to find light clay in Black/White other than the one found holding on by Golett. And Golurks are not found in Black/White, but only in Golett form.
All you can do is go to Dragonspiral Tower, and catch Golett, until you find one with Light Clay. Or you can have any of your friend, or anybody else, by trading one of your Pokemon with him/her.

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The only ways to get a light clay in Black/White 2 without hacks is to trade it from the previous games or from another person OR find a golett in Dragonspiral Tower. It is north of Icirrus. I recommend having a Pokémon (not holding an item) with the move Thief in front. Thief steals the foes item (only temporarily in a Trainer Battle, but permanently in a wild encounter). This is recommended due to the fact that Golett only has a 5% chance of holding a Light Clay. This strategy is really effective as Thief is Dark and Golett is Ghost/Ground. Happy Thiefing!! :)

Note: When I say the previous games, I mean black/white 1.
You can't get one in black/white 1 except for a Golett :P