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By trade evolution items I mean:

Dubious Disc
Reapers Cloth

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Deep Sea Scale- Mirage Mountain

Deep Sea Tooth-Mirage Cave

Dragon Scale-Sky Pillar

King's Rock-Mossdeep City

Metal Coat-New Mauville

Prism Scale- (Unconfirmed)

Dubious Disc-Battle Resort (32BP)

Electririzer-Battle Resort (32BP)

Protector-Battle Resort (32BP)

Reaper Cloth-Battle Resort (32 BP)

Up Grade-Battle Resort (32 BP)

Magmarizer-Battle Resort (32 BP)

Whipped Dream-Battle Resort (32 BP)

See Battle Resort

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Some are also available as hold items.
 Elekid and Magby can be holding the Electririzer and Magmarizer on a Mirage Mountain.
Horsea and Seadra can hold Dragon Scale on Routes 130-135
You also forgot to mention the Sachet, which is 32BP at the Battle Resort.