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-Grepa Berry
-Lansat Berry
-Starf Berry
-Apicot Berrry
-Salac Berry

Note: If possible please include a guide to every obtainable berry in Pokémon X.

I been wondering where you can finds these berries. I already beaten the game and was wondering where to find them. Please write (type) the locations of the berries, or how to get them. Please help me! Thank you! :)


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Here is a list of all the Berry trees in Pokemon X and Y

Route 5 - Oran Berry Oran Berry
Route 6 - Aquav Berry Aquav Berry
Route 7 - Persim Berry Persim Berry
Route 8 - Mago Berry Mago Berry
Route 10 - Iapapa Berry Iapapa Berry
Route 11 - Sitrus Berry Sitrus Berry
Route 12 - Aspear Berry Aspear Berry
Route 14 - Roseli Berry Roseli Berry
Route 15 - Leppa Berry Leppa Berry
Route 16 - Lum Berry Lum Berry
Route 18 - Wacan Berry Wacan Berry
Route 19 - Yache Berry Yache Berry
Route 20 - Kasib Berry Kasib Berry
Route 21 - Figy Berry Figy Berry
Route 22 - Tanga Berry Tanga Berry

As for the berries you mentioned above:

You can get the Grepa Berry Grepa Berry by mixing together a Aguav Berry Aguav Berry and a Figy Berry Figy Berry

You can get a Lansat Berry Lansat Berry at the Battle Maison

You can get a Starf Berry Starf Berry at the Battle Maison

You can get a Apicot Berry Apicot Berry by mixing together a Kelpsy Berry Kelpsy Berry and a Wacan Berry Wacan Berry

You can get a Salac Berry Salac Berry by mixing together a Grepa Berry Grepa Berry and a Roseli Berry Roseli Berry

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  • Grepa Berry: Mutate a Figy and an Aguav Berry.
  • Lansat Berry: Battle Maison
  • Starf Berry: Battle Maison
  • Apicot Berry: Mutate a Roseli and a Grepa Berry.
  • Apicot Berry: Mutate a Wacan and a Kelpsy Berry.

A guide to obtain every berry in X & Y can be found here.

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