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I always wanted to make a Ultra Rare Soda but, I didn't know which berries to use. I know that one is the Roseli berry (which I already have) but I don't know the other one. Please tell me what it is called and how to find/get it. Please help me! Thanks! :)

Do you mean Ultra Rare Juice?
Yes, they are the same thing ;)

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Actually ehesister is right,

The Ultra Rare Soda is just another name for the Ultra Rare Juice as this is what it is referred to in the Official Pokémon Guide Book.

Anyway you can apparently create the Ultra Rare Soda in the Juice Shoppe. But currently it is unknown what two ingredients you need to mix together in order to create the Ultra Rare Soda. However the Guide Book does hint that one of the ingredients need is the Roseli Berry.

The other ingredient although remains a mystery as no one has experimented mixing all of the different types of berries to confirm it. Another reason why it is currently unknown is because it could be a berry that is not available as of yet in Pokémon X and Y.

For the Source from the Official Pokémon Guide Book confirming that you can create the Ultra Rare Soda and that one of the ingredients to create it is the Roseli Berry check here:


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There is no Ultra Rare Soda, but there is an Ultra Rare Juice. To get the Ultra Rare Juice just purchase it from the left counter. If you meant Rare Soda, you mix Lansat Berry and Starf Berry. Here is a link for other requirements to make certain juices.

Lansat Berry Location: Battle Maison
Starf Berry Location: Battle Maison
Another Link for berry locations

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Roseli berry + Enigma Berry = Ultra Rare Soda

Source: @www.serebii.net/xy/juiceshoppe.shtml