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Would a Relaxed Nature be good for a Beldum?

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I'd suggest Impish if you're using it as a Physically Defensive tank/wall, but Beldum is better off with Adamant.
I'm no good at competitive, but I'd suggest Calm. I mean, if you want it to be a wall.
With Calm, you're lowering your great Attack stat xP
I know, but it's Attack stat is monstrous. Wouldn't it still be pretty high even if we lowered? That was just how I thought of it.
I don't know. I'm not a competitive battler. :P
No, you should have a nature that will lower a stat that you'll never use or isn't its strongest stat, in this case Special Attack.
That makes sense. :3

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Well it depends what Stats your investing your EV's into. But to put it simply Relaxed isn't the worst nature your Beldum could have. I consider that you'll be evolving this into a Metang and then into a Metagross correct?

Well Relaxed Nature is + Defence - Speed, with that being said you might think well that's not very good but the thing is that the majority of people who use Metagross in competitive battles don't use him as a Sweeper because of his low 70 Base Speed Stat. Metagross is normally used as a Physical Tank that has EV investment in Attack and either HP or Defence.

Adamant Nature is generally the best nature to give a Metagross as with full EV investment and with 31 IV's in it's Attack Stat will maximise it's Attack. However Relaxed isn't too bad of a Nature because if your using your Metagross as a Physical Tank it will boost it's Defence Stat making it more Defensive.

My conclusion is that it is not the best Nature it could of got but neither is it the worst. There are far worse Natures it could of got such as Modest, Timid or Calm (All of which decreases the Attack Stat).

Beldum Metang Metagross

Hope I helped :)

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It's no problem Sonic, I was happy to be of assistance. Thanks Indigo for the vote up I really appreciate it :)
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If you want to have a speedy Pokémon, then no, because it decreases your speed. If you would like a solid wall, yes, since it ups your defence.