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So I've been playing through the Black & White duo (Playing the Black Version) of games for the second time, and i've come across a Nuzleaf for the first time. However, when I first played I had used a Breloom instead, so now I've been rethinking my Pokemon team and choices, and so instead of using Breloom i'm going to use the Seedot line this time. So I was wondering if I should catch another Seedot or Nuzleaf to get another nature (since i've never been a guy whose understood natures in Pokemon) if Relaxed might not be worth it? By the way my Nuzleaf is level 41 and I don't wanna waste my leaf stone just in case.

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Shiftry has bad defenses and would do best with jolly i feel, so i will say no, but I am not sure.
If you don't want to use this Shiftry in the Battle Subway or for battling against real people, then relaxed should be fine.
Ok, It has "Explosion", "Sunny Day", "Cut" and "Nature Power", and it does have Chlorophyll as an ability. Based on the information you've provided, it's probably a crap nature.
I've used bad natures (such as brave on a Manectric) in Pokemon games before. Most trainers are so weak and underleveled that you hardly notice the effect of the nature. I speak from experience. (well technically I'm not talking right now, I'm only typing from experience)
By the way, if you don't understand natures, then you can try reading this. https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Nature
By the by the way, Shiftry gets many moves that are better than the ones you have. I would recommend a moveset like leaf storm/dig/rock slide/X-scissor so Shiftry can hit hard without killing itself and actually touch ghost Pokemon.

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If you want to use your Shiftry in the Battle Subway (the trains) or in battles against other people, then you should probably not be using Shiftry at all. Even if you got a Shiftry with a good nature, it would still be weaker than a Tyranitar with a bad nature. If you want to use the Shiftry for just about anything else, like the Battle Subway (the sandwich restaurant), then its nature shouldn't matter.