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He doesn't need a moveset, but item and Nature can fill for his moveset question.

I currently Use,

Naive (-Sp Def + Speed )
Item: Focus Sash
EV's 252 Hp 252 Spd 4 Sp Def
Ability: Imposter


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Choice Scarf is the most desirable item, as it allows you to hit first the foe you Transform into.

Nature and all EVs except for HP will not matter much if you are Transformed. However, since the foe might prevent your Transformation, you'll want to switch out, or if that is not possible take down the Sub (or damage Zoroark) as soon as possible. The only way Ditto can do this is through Struggle. As such, I would suggest giving it an Adamant nature and 252 Attack EVs and 4 Speed EVs (in addition to 252 HP EVs). Also, Ditto does not copy the Hidden Power type (as it does not copy IVs), so I would suggest running an HP Ice.

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If he has imposter, then he should have choice scarf to revenge kill. The Nature is Fine

Perfect Great Answer:) Choice Scarf makes Ditto Incredible:0
Wait.. Swamperts being consistantly active... Awesome!
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Metal powder(Defense) is a good item for ditto along with quick powder(Speed) his nature is fine and you've got a good ditto. (P.s. you leave a pokemon w/ a gender with ditto at the daycare and you will find an egg).

Quick powder won't work for ditto after he uses imposter/Transform
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well for starters if i was a ditto i would hate a def lowering nature
depends on well what you want its attack at
timid is one and jolly also hardy is helpful if you want a plain ditto
2 items like metal powder and quick powder help

so a fast ditto timid - attack + speed or jolly + speed - sp attack
and bulky would be relaxed -speed +def sassy +sp def - speed

your welcome ':)

From bulbapedia. And backed up by all other reliable sources.

Imposter: As soon as the user comes into battle, it Transforms into its opponent, copying the opponent's stats exactly, with the exception of HP.
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